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EnchantAway Travel was founded by the owner of one of the top 5 selling Disney Travel Agencies with the intention of creating a home for agents of all experience levels. The top agencies in the country look for experienced agents with full-time availability, but EnchantAway is a home for Disney fans of all experience levels, including brand new agents, to get their foot in the door and start building their travel business right now!

Our primary goal has always been to give our clients the best vacation planning experience possible. This means asking questions, being a good listener, addressing concerns, providing the “ins” and “outs” of the destination, crafting an individualized itinerary that best suits each client, and then finally booking the trip.

EnchantAway Travel is expanding! We are currently looking for new travel advisers to join us and provide this experience for our clients.


The following qualifications are an overview of what we are looking for.

  • Are you passionate about Disney?
  • Do you have an expert level knowledge of Disney Destinations?
  • Are you a United States Resident?
  • Have you been to Disney World many times, especially in the last few years, and Disneyland at least once?
  • Have you marketed a business before or have you developed a strong marketing plan to get your business off the ground quickly?
  • Are you hard-working, professional, self-motivated, and customer service-oriented?
  • Would you feel comfortable offering sound advice to clients via phone and email, and booking travel via a computer system?
  • Do you actively use social media?

We know, it’s a tall order, and this work is not for everyone, but if you answered yes to the questions above, then please consider joining The EnchantAway team as a vacation planner!

Benefits of working for EnchantAway Travel:

  • We offer a flexible, work-from-home schedule
  • We are always available for questions and advice, and strive to see YOU succeed
  • We pay among the highest commission ratios in the business
    • However, if you’ve never worked a commissioned sales position you should be aware that we do not get paid until the client completes their travel arrangements, thus delaying you commission payment by several weeks or months after your initial booking

If you are interested in becoming a travel expert at EnchantAway Travel, complete the form below with your relevant work experience and a little information about yourself. Please include which Disney and family vacation destinations you have traveled to in the past. (Walt Disney World, Disney Cruise Line, Disneyland, Aulani, Adventures by Disney, Universal Studios, Sandals & Beaches Resorts, and/or Royal Caribbean Cruise Line). If you’re a potential match, we will contact you to schedule an interview!

Thank you!

The EnchantAway Team

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Why do you want to be a Disney Travel Planner?

When was your last Walt Disney World Trip?

Tell us about your experience with Disney Parks. How many times have you been to each of the parks? Have you been on a Disney Cruise? How about Adventures by Disney?

Growing a Disney Travel Agent Business is all about Customer Service and Marketing. Tell us how you would provide top-notch customer service and how you would market your new business to increase awareness and sales. (A quick note: we're looking for you to go much more in depth here than "I will market my new business using social media")

Assume you were competing against 10 other applicants for 1 available opening on Enchantaway's team. What is the 1 thing that you think would set you apart and make you the ideal candidate?

How many hours per week could you devote to this work?

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Please Upload your Resume or a brief description of your work history and education. Without this it is very difficult fairly compare your qualifications to other candidates. (Word doc or pdf format)